The Endless Album

The Endless Album embraces the dying nature of the album and engages in a critical examination of the techniques used to create single tracks through collaboration. The varied tracks encompass, what is generally called – problematic process conception to incompletion – digital imagination. Not musical prediction. This general expression means that new techniques extend beyond old techniques. To varying degrees, the new opposing technologies continue to offer my electronic experiments, with a means of not controlling specific outcomes. By enlarging the areas governing the presentation of process, conception, manipulation, treatment and environment. The technology positions its self ‘upstream’ of music by focusing on the imagination of technology, ‘downstream’ of the completed experiment by focusing on performance and interpretation from random process, or in the middle by focusing on feelings and emotions from the process in progress. Once these choices have been made – and have been fixed by a certain procedure and, as the case may be, the mix – then the music can start to flow or not flow. These different stages all form parts of the Endless Album.

All artworks are made by mapping the midi files from each track - to photoshop - printed - ready to be drawn on. The dots are connected using ink pens, abstract forms are then filled in with coloured pencils. The surrealist figurative elements are added based on various observations and happenings throughout the day. The final process requires images to be scanned to photoshop, then manipulated using a digital pen and tablet. This results in a chaotic disorder of ambiguous experimental form and colour.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Eighteenth Track - The Endless Album / Monster Fron Mars / Featuring Steve Brisk from London

Ignored --------- but closer they came.

Seventeenth Track - The Endless Album / Shoot Set / Featuring Dave Chester from Auckland

Transmission of a cultural alien example.

Sixteenth Track - The Endless Album / Sip The Nectar & Check Me / Featuring Boss D from New Orleans

Infants from a downward generation.

Fifthteenth Track - The Endless Album / Lemingrad Lady / Featuring Natalia Ruzanna from Moscow

A single drop - A night tingle

Fourteenth Track - The Endless Album / Drums That Bang Drums / Featuring Bence Bakos from Budapest

It’s been sometime since the past has been walked over.

Thirteenth Track - The Endless Album / Cloud 14 / Featuring Erica Lee from Vancouver

Use best and hammer continuously!